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Meet Dr. Ted Byers

Seeking new opportunities to assist in solving patients’ dental problems simply, comfortably, and easily is a hallmark of my professional philosophy. I have found through years of experience using computers to assist in patient care is extremely beneficial for all involved.

I have enjoyed the private practice of general dentistry since 1992 in both Scottsdale and Sedona. A native of Newcastle, Maine, I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where I earned professional degrees in both psychology and dentistry. Upon graduation, I moved to Arizona and have not looked back.

I was invited to join Peak Family Dental Care in early 2012 and began my associatian with Dr. Shanahan and his team.

The greatest benefit I can provide to patients is first, to listen to their concerns, answer questions, and address any fears they might have regarding their visit. Next, I believe a thorough exam, accurate diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment plan enable the patient to make choices in a caring treatment relationship based on trust.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to make restorations such as crowns during a single visit that look and feel great is where our dentistry is today. Replacing single missing teeth with precision-placed dental implants or a whole mouth, with computer-designed and milled dentures make my job much more rewarding today than in the past.

I am an avid road cyclist, mountain biker, hiker, and scuba diver. I enjoy spending time with my pet Whippet, and traveling the world for adventure with my significant other.